Skull raiders 3d face mask

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Its remotely possible the big pharmaceutical family got there fukin hands on the virus and released it. Trump just funded them. Remember the law suit that took half there money. N they hid millions if not billions because they knowingly commited crimes. Skull raiders 3d face mask. Yah those people r gonna make your vaccine

Skull raiders 3d face mask

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face mask – detail

The only reason the pharmaceutical companies will even try to create a vaccine is so that they can make billions in profit! Otherwise they would have no interest in developing a vaccine. Yes, it’s expensive to develop a vaccine, and there’s is nothing wrong with wanting to be rewarded for your investment of time and money. Skull raiders 3d face mask. But when the CEO of every pharmaceutical company earns on the order of $7 million a year (and every other C-level executive also earns a similarly astonishing sum), we must understand that profit is the primary motivation. Not effectiveness, not safety, and as we’ve seen from the now 60+ vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule, not necessity. The US has among the highest vaccination rate in the world, and has the highest number of chronically ill children. Just saying.

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