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Fabien Mdg Excellent idea!. Lauren Hoffmann, how many American citizens are murdered by illegals every year?. Brad Kicak . Bernie Sanders … Pass HR25 Skydiving Life Lessons Poster Pause GIF. College doesn’t guarantee you a right to anything. Never did. If you think people of days gone by were offered CEO positions with astronomocal salaries for a degree you were misled and lied to by….wait for it…wait for it, the liberal democrat led colleges and professors. So suck it up buttercup, get a job, experience and earn it like we all did after college. Start somewhere and do something. We all working and dont have time for your wine.. Pondo Sinatra lol that’s good because I wasn’t planning on sharing any of my wine with you lol…liberal college at least taught be the difference between whine and wine… I never said college guaranteed anything, but most positions require a degree, unless the CEO started the company, I promise you a degree was required at some point for him to move up. I also have 10 years of experience in my field AFTER college, I get paid more than minimum wage but still nowhere near what I’m worth. I don’t get the argument against raising minimum wage, how heartless do you have to be to think people don’t deserve to make enough money to live on?

Skydiving Life Lessons Poster

Instead of a capitalist society evolving to a Socialist society, how bout you evolve to thrive in a capitalist society, or move to a Socialist country?. Brad Kicak Yes, we are if we want to survive. Why don’t YOU move, if you’re doing so great. Dubai maybe?. Brad Kicak, funny, the American people have been accommodating and enriching the already rich folks for forty years. Our turn now; deal with it.. No!!! Mandatory: MustBuyOneofEachStock. Skydiving Life Lessons Poster And ‘Country’ is a a stock also.+(Tax). Sam Bilyeu, every American benefits from the security of a strong military.. Fabien Mdg Inflation because of Biden Administration policy. The system in the US is so bad, people build boats from garbage and travel thousands of miles to partake in our misery.. They are fleeing a violent country, also, we are a civilized nation and brag about being the best country in the world… but yet our people are dying of starvation, and lack of affordable healthcare, people are sleeping in the streets, and we have the highest percentage of incarcerated citizens.

Skydiving Life Lessons Poster

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