Slayer skull filter face mask

Do you want it? Full color, available in a few days. Slayer skull filter face mask. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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Just as we who support Joe don’t understand how some people see Bernie better than Joe. Not that I don’t like Bernie and I certainly would have voted for him if he were the nominee. Biden wins the primary without our votes. Bernie is still on the tickets so that we can send progressive delegates to the Democratic convention. Slayer skull filter face mask. I am in one of the 26 states that have not voted yet.  I love you I respect you and I am so so so so sorry that you are in this position again. I will support you and your movement until the bitter and and I know that this is not the end

Slayer skull filter face mask

Slayer skull filter face mask - detail
face mask – detail

If people still think private healthcare works ask the millions who signed up for unemployment and LOST their healthcare these last few weeks. This will only get worse. Biden has come a long way in the past week. Too bad it took this level of disaster to bring him around, but grateful that he is finally seeing the light, a bit. Now keep your promises Biden. Slayer skull filter face mask. All of you who are saying you refuse to vote for Biden are just setting us up for another four years of 45’s tyranny! Get your heads out of your asses and come together. Instead of beating up on us, tell Joe and the dem party to pull their heads out of the corporate asses and start working for the people so we can support them.

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