Slim shady D12 deadpool shirt, tank top and hoodie

Do you want it? Slim shady D12 deadpool shirt. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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You don’t lose your health insurance as long as you keep paying for it. Keep up with the snake tongue Mr. Bernie. Slim shady D12 deadpool. It just proves that the Democrats lied to the American public. People must have not liked enough when they simply have not fought for it. They must like paying billionaires taxes because they have not fought other wise. Its time we take reponsability for whats happening. Amoung us we have 175 billionaires and 350 million persons who just won’t stand up. Americans are either really stubborn or really stupid when it comes to national health insurance. They’ve been hoodwinked by insurance companies for decades. Legalized ponzi organizations.

Slim shady D12 deadpool shirt

Slim shady D12 deadpool tank top
tank top
Slim shady D12 deadpool hoodie
Slim shady D12 deadpool sweatshirt

Same thing with bailing out the blue states that enriched government workers with outrageous pensions. Slim shady D12 deadpool. At least oil firms employ thousands of high paid workers who pay taxes. We, the people… oh, never mind, companies are people now, too and money is speech! Time to vote out the majority of congress and vote in people that represent the people of America who voted for them in their constituencies. Not all oil is big billion dollar companies. Come to western Kansas and see the 5-10 barrel wells owned by little guys that might farm in the side. Buy into a oil well and see the costs of running one while trying to please the EPA as well. My mom had an oil well and didn’t get rich. It went dry and there were even costs closing it after it made no money. Stop hating honest working people in oil and come out here and learn something. Start at Russell, Kansas for one.

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