Slipknot pineapple hawaiian shirt

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If we could simply agree on the plainly obvious fact that politicians have wholesale abused their trust and abandoned their oaths of office, then, perhaps we could move on to shrinking back the federal government to about its 1850 size, and demand they not exceed their Constitutional authority, then maybe there’s a 1 in a 1,000 chance of saving the country. Slipknot pineapple hawaiian shirt. Because, as it is now with these crumb bums who, essentially, promise us all money, either directly or in unfunded/funded mandated services, if we support them, the country is just short of utterly collapsing under its own weight of incompetence, corruption, violence, and destruction.

Slipknot pineapple hawaiian shirt

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What’s it matter where he is? All the presidents have golfed and there’s not a single moment any of them couldn’t have been instantly mobilized and conducting business of the country. That job is 27/7, period, regardless of where the are or who they are. The trend is bad, but let’s face it—800 per million people. Slipknot pineapple hawaiian shirt. Less then one in a thousand. I thought it would be worse by now. Still, stay gone and wear your masks—especially stay out of bars, churches and other indoor crowds. And you took a nap in your basement? You are a waste of time Joe and even those who once were excited that you are the candidate are now secretly ashamed of you. Soon the secret will be revealed.

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