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Daria BaranskyMarcus gets hit with racist comments on the daily, but he has done more for children in need in the UK than any other notable athlete. He championed providing meals for schoolchildren while schools were closed, while the MPs where denying there was even a problem70 . JP StoeltingWhat an Frm. Presidential moment, I would love to read the book. If I reach it. My heart reaches out to the family in Iowa that lost their little girl jogging at least they’re getting their justice. Amen God Bless her.28 . Barb LamarcheObama continues to be a positive and engaging inspiration to the world. He is an intelligent and gifted writer and a powerful speaker. 34 . Andrew LaneMarcus is such a humble guy, describing himself as ‘in sports’.9 . Asher Long-MendezDefinitely rate Rashford for what he does. Talented lad… but… certainly there’s someone better for Obama to talk to other than someone from Manchester United. 19  Small hands change the world poster

Small hands change the world poster

Nicola ThompsonI loved reading the interview in The Guardian with MR about your chat with him. He is such an impressive and influential young man, doing important work. 21 . Anne PhillipsMarcus has done more for his community than any politician. He opened the eyes to food poverty in one of the richest countires in the world but still gets slated for this. Be kind to others. Books are a form of escapism for lots of people but also a massive for of knowledge for those who want/need/yern/to read think and expand knowledge. Nothing nice to say then shhhhhh.13 . Tim TaylorThank you again Mr President for your sympathetic connection with people who’ve suffered in life because of the colour of their skin or jealousy at their talents7 . Keith HolsteadJust a suggestion, Mr. President, but why not suggest that the young people pick up the novel, “Les Miserables” or “The Count of Monte Cristo.” I read them in the 6th grade being a white young man being bussed to the projects for school. I did well there and skipped 7th. Got straight A+ in 8th and was accepted by Jesuit High of Tampa. There are no limits if young people read the classics. Thank you Mr. President.7  Small hands change the world poster

Small hands change the world poster

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