Smeghead 2020 quarantined Shirt, Hoodie And Ladies Shirt

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So sad this is the way it ends, but I’m so happy that you finally got the platform to capture the attention and hearts and minds of this country. I tend to have a tepid view of politicians, but you made me believe that someone could run a campaign fighting for the people. Smeghead 2020 quarantined. Thank you for fighting for racial justice, LGBTQ rights, the uninsured, the unemployed, for fair wages and benefits for middle and lower class workers, and against rapidly accelerating climate change. You asked us if we would be willing to fight for people we don’t know. Even with the suspension of your campaign, the answer is a resounding yes.

Smeghead 2020 quarantined shirt

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This morning the sun burns bright on my disappointment at our crumbling system. Another fine possibility fades as Bernie pulls out of the race. It is too lovely a day to linger in sadness, to give over to the pitfall of attachment. His values and concerns reflected my own and I will hold those in awareness. Smeghead 2020 quarantined. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me hope that we do have politicians in office that truly care about doing the right thing for the people who don’t make six figures. I am so sad that your presidential run has come to an end but I know you will keep fighting the good fight for all of us. I just hope Biden recognizes the significance of your vision for a better Country that was also the dream of so many of us. I am crossing my fingers for a Biden/Warren ticket

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