Smiling golden retriever face mask

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Yeah well the WHO also said the virus wasn’t transferred human to human. Smiling golden retriever face mask. They also said China had it under control so there’s that.

Smiling golden retriever face mask

Smiling golden retriever face mask- pic 1
mask- pic 1

And where did he get that information from? Smiling golden retriever face mask. Not to mention your T.D.S is showing. WHO is correct about this but any fool could have told you that. But these are the Same people who said China has been great at containing covid so WHO needs all leadership to go!! Thank goodness we are making PPE in Canada now!!! Companies pulling together and changing the way they do things to help. All this without the government forcing them to help. Soooo proud of my country and the amazing businesses that stepped up to help. Adetomiwa it’s called manipulative pricing. The fed said they’re not order clerk and pushed states to get their own supplies then fed outbidding them all to get supplies to Kushner’s friends to sell same supplies at much higher prices to states. Both demand and supply levels didn’t change. Price fixing at play here. I am in Canada too. On the flip side we also let 55M masks rot 4 months ago, and failed to have enough supplies. We are paying massive premiums as well. China is selling us back stock at 3X what it should cost.. our government has worked hard to secure the supply chain in China. Supplies are being brought in while business are changing the way they do business to make PPE. No country’s response has been perfect. Canada is in a good position and procuring supplies at the federal level from abroad so provinces don’t need to compete for supplies.

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