Smoke catnip hail lucipurr poster

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Well you are right about that. Smoke catnip hail lucipurr poster. Face masks, on their own, will not protect us. We need all of it.

Smoke catnip hail lucipurr poster

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Funny you say that i am the one with no comprehension when you dont even know what corporate media is. Smoke catnip hail lucipurr poster. Fox, CNN, msnbc, etc, corporate media! Media outlets against our interests, freedom, sovereignty, safety/security, free enterprise, our amendments… As of 2020, the largest media conglomerates in terms of revenue rank Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, AT&T and ViacomCBS per Forbes. You are absolutely naive to think i have done no research. The last 3yrs ive done nothing but. Perhaps you are the one in need of research! Try foreign policy over the last 100yrs. he’s allowing people to fly in from other countries and all across our own to build man camps. He’s just spreading it to small communities. Might be a few engineers for pipelines or plant, but they don’t bring in hordes of people from other countries. While on-site activity has shut down for all but “essential” workplaces across the country, construction continues at the Site C hydroelectric dam project in northern British Columbia, where nearly 1,000 workers are at camp, including hundreds who were flown in over the past couple of weeks. it doesn’t say anything about people coming from other countries. Stop assuming and learn the facts. so if they told you that the only way your children could go to school was if they had been immunized or the only way you could go into the grocery store was if you were immunized, you and your children would all go get that shot right?

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