Sneaky cats we’ll be watching you poster

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Neera Tanden!! Does anyone really believe she is China Joe’s pick? Sneaky cats we’ll be watching you poster China Joe Biden’s handlers selected her NOT him. Joe Biden is just an empty suit, a hand puppet & the real powers that be, has their hands up China Joe’s rectum. All these picks for his Cabinet, they’re all radical with radical policies.. More complete and total BS from the left. Pulling out the discrimination card means they’re in trouble and desperate.. I hope someday people can’t hide behind their ‘whatevers’ and have to accept responsibility for their actions.. Its Neera’s personality that is off-putting, nothing else. It’s how she treats people. She’s not very nice or kind. Even Megan McCain on the View said so. Check it out.. Neera Tanden erased thousands of Tweets viciously insulting and verbally harassing both Republican and Democrat Congresspeople. If Biden is telling the truth about firing disrespectful members of his administration (we know he isn’t), she shouldn’t eve… See More

Sneaky cats we’ll be watching you poster

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James GarrisonOh, NOOOOW they mad. What’s the political move behind this?3 . Lucia Fiorini ParisPraise God. The truth shall set us free. I just wish it could bring those elderly people back. Just remember vengeance is not ours, only God’s. He will prevail in the truth.1 . Top FanDewane HalePATRIOTS all across our AMERICA are organizing. . Marie RomantiniNow their like sharks in a feeding frenzy. He does deserve to be eaten up and spit out.1 . Linda SmithHe’s got to pay the price…… . Diane Burnett-DennisSounds like they’ve turned on cuomo….distancing. 10 . Leah ThornleyThat was quick. I thought this would go the way of Chappaquiddick, Bengazi, private server for classified info. Interesting . Ila DavisHope this wipes that smirk off his face….3 . Trudy VaughnThat’s unusual for the libs. How many of them want to run for governor or is supporting someone who will? . Linda Renfrew-PouliotWhat about the governor of Michigan? . Marie MarcelloLock him up,he is not above the law! Killed Seniors!   Sneaky cats we’ll be watching you poster

Sneaky cats we’ll be watching you poster

Well stated, Tammi. The media (most) have absolutely no credibility and are worthless to listen to.. I am so sick and tired of the Democrats they are only picking on President Trump so the biden won’t be seen or heard. they have to hid him he doesn’t know what he is doing. You are so right on target. Let’s not forget Hillary and ‘What difference does it make?’ And these vermin want to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong.. AND THEY VICIOUSLY ATTACKED ANYONE NEAR MR. TRUMP. STEPHEN MILLER, HIS CHIEF SPEECHWRITER WAS MOCKED, CARTOONED AND DEFAMED IN VANITY FAIR’S CRUEL ARTICLE ABOUT HIM AND HIS NEW WIFE. THE HATRED DRIPPED OFF THE PAGE.. The MSM is to blame for the destruction of America. Our nation is awash in evil.. Someone asked the question the other day – what would you charge Cuomo with? Very simple – check NY Penal Code. Criminally negligent homicide – failure to perceive a substantial and unjustifiable risk that your actions might cause death and DID. In l… See More

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