Snoopy filter face mask

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Keep wondering what the end game is? What was the point of doing nothing? Snoopy filter face mask. There had to be an objective. MAGA certainly is a failure. South Korea is a success and points to how badly this administration has failed our nation. Only if you were leading this crisis from WH. I am aure that along with the sanity of German Chancellor, French President and EU leaders and Canadian Prime Minister, we in the Weaterm World would be way better off than we r now!! your loss proves bad for our country, nation and democracy over and over again

Snoopy filter face mask

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face mask – Pic 1

How about a graph on mortality rate? How about graphing % tested per 100,000 population? Of course our rates are the highest because we’re testing! So what do you think about the low number of deaths in China? You believing those numbers? How about India? You believe their low numbers? Come On Hillary, you’re better than that. Snoopy filter face mask. I would like to hear from more Trump supporters. I don’t say Republicans bc most Republican vote on issues and are smart and good people from what I know. They were just uninformed or tricked. For supporters, Where is your leader? What has he done? How did he prepare us? Why doesn’t he step up now? Is he worried about his legacy, his economy which he brags about pretty consistently.

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