Snoopy stay at home face mask

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It’s rising because facebook, google, microsoft and all the advertising platforms got rid of competition by banning people from selling them. Snoopy stay at home face mask. If everyone was allowed to sell them as usual, competition will naturally drive prices back down.

Snoopy stay at home face mask

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The few companies who are allowed to sell them can price them as high as they want and no one is left to compete with them. During pandemics all prices should be lower. We live in one earth. Snoopy stay at home face mask. Earth is not getting paid for the resources she produces. This makes sense. Insurance must provide for treatment of COVOD but the hospital charges for protection are probably not covered. Gotta make sure you still have a bill for thousands to keep you complaint. This is what you get when you have a president that has been playing “Let’s Make a Deal,” with American lives for the past almost four years. Guess his being the author of a book called “The Art of the Deal,” should have been a clue to ignorant voters. This is what you get when you allow a nation with a communist regime that covered up the virus, and has an abusive authoritarian gov’t that literally has written about how they will destroy America( not to mention has significant influence over our media, including CNN), is allowed to control our entire supply chain. Not a fan of Trump, but please.. shake your head just a bit. Exactly how did China get control of “our” supply chain? Because American businesses moved their operations there to reduce production costs. “shake your head just a bit.

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