Social distancing world champ bigfoot shirt and v-neck

Do you want it? Social distancing world champ bigfoot. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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I am in South Dakota not good. Social distancing world champ bigfoot. Our Governor Noem will NOT do a Shelter In Place order.

Social distancing world champ bigfoot

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The South Dakota Medical Association recommendated it. Social distancing world champ bigfoot. She is living the State Parks wide open. 120 Employees at a SmithField plant in Sioux Falls tested positive. The Governor ignored this from the start. She is putting our health in the hands of small businesses and small town mayors. She is picking money and ideology over lives. Our cases are doubling. We have only tested 1% and only 520 ventilators. South Dakota also started a petition for Shelter In Place we had over 27,000 sign it. Governor Noem is ignoring it. she is also leaving non essential businesses open like all the small casinos in Sioux falls. They need to be shut down. Someone needs to step in and help the people of South Dakota because our leaders here won’t do what needs to be done. Some people want to be told what to do. Common sense went the way of the dinosaur for some folks.And yes, I’m a native Texan. Dr Birx mentioned number of positives among numbers tested. She then said only symptomatic people were tested. What was wrong with the people that were negative or could they have been false negatives? I am very worried about schools re-opening too soon. What advice would you give to educators, especially those of us the work in elementary setting? Also what cleaning regiment should schools have in place? There are videos from other affected countries showing public areas and sidewalks being cleaned with mist or fog of disinfectant. Given that we keep being told that person to person contact is by far the most likely way for covid19 to spread, is this disinfecting needed in public places in the US? Is it just for optics so it looks like precautions are being taken?

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