Softball crocs crocband clog

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What a beautiful eulogy you’ve written for her. We miss you very much. And she will be missed too. Softball crocs crocband clog. The current occupant of the White House couldn’t even say something empathetic and respectful about RBG, when he was asked tonight. Sadly we know Senator Mitch McConnell will rush the nomination process hope Senators on both parties resist the inconsistency to save the dignity of the Supreme Court.

Softball crocs crocband clog

Softball crocs crocband clog - detail
Softball crocs crocband clog – detail

A basic principle of the law and of everyday fairness is that we apply rules with consistency, and not based on what’s convenient or advantageous in the moment. The rule of law, the legitimacy of our courts, the fundamental workings of our democracy all depend on that basic principle. Softball crocs crocband clog. As votes are already being cast in this election, Republican Senators are now called to apply that standard. The questions before the Court now and in the coming years with decisions that will determine whether or not our economy is fair, our society is just, women are treated equally, our planet survives, and our democracy endures are too consequential to future generations for courts to be filled through anything less than an unimpeachable process. Obama’s supreme court pick, Merrick Garland, didn’t even have an adequate opportunity to be heard, now it seems Trump will be allowed to do what they said Obama shouldn’t or couldn’t do.

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