Sooners 5 Straight Champions shirt, hoodie, longsleeve tee

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This is Christian Country? Sooners 5 Straight Champions. You mean the Country that was inhabited by the Native Americans and then either colonized or murdered by “Christians”?

Sooners 5 Straight Champions

Sooners 5 Straight Champions v-neck
Sooners 5 Straight Champions longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee
Sooners 5 Straight Champions hoodie

I am Christian and our values do not represent your rhetoric. Remember, love is love is love. If God is love, then love is in us all. It’s stories like this that show Christians are more judgmental and hateful than anybody. I never see gay people judging and hating. Christians pay more attention to the Old Testament than to the New Testament. If the really embraced the teachings of Jesus Christ, theuy wouldn’t act the way they do. I don’t know if it is shameful. But I sit and watched the movies with my wife and once I see the main bachelor I always ask if this is a gay love story…but it’s not. They are showing Christmas movies and Christmas is a Christian holiday and Christians don’t believe in that so….. But let’s not offend someone who disagrees with tradition. Sooners 5 Straight Champions. Okay what is being left out here is that it is the holiday season… Christmas is one day. We have Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day… And she says that it’s just one holiday excuse me. The same people who are outraged by this ad say that Melania is the classiest first lady we’ve ever had. Let that sink in. Look how much free advertising that company is getting. i’m sure there was an initial “outrage” by that group, but the decision to pull the ad, and then put it back on is orchestrated.

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