Sorry Merica’s Full Christmas Raglan and T-shirt

Do you love it? Sorry Merica’s Full Christmas Raglan. Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.



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And i hear hes only pleading guilty to 1 charge. Are u kidding me. Sorry Merica’s Full. He basically stole the money. If i stole that much. I dont think id be getting one charge and im guessing a slap on the wrist. If this guy did this WTF does everyone think douche bag trump has done with all the money he has raised. Investigate and you will find! That pos better be doing a very long stretch in the slammer.

Sorry Merica’s Full Christmas Raglan and T-shirt

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Sorry Merica's Full Christmas T-shirt

Tough love America. Make a example of him so no one will ever do that to American citizens again! If it were a Demorat, the political affiliation would be buried so deep you would never even know they held an office, let alone their party. This rampant abuse of the taxpayers funds has got to stop. And republicans have the nerve to cut food stamps, and allow school children to not be given lunch if they have a balance. Sorry Merica’s Full. Make show the dirtbag pays the money back another taxpayer ripoff and then they give themselves trips all over the place for what they should be working here. Where’s all the cough cough “conservatives” holding him accountable? This is the same guy that claimed he was the subject of a “witch hunt” and “fake news”. Same as trump claims. Any chance you upstanding defenders of journalism.Could tap into this reliable source on peoples travel expenses..Could you inquire about nancy pelosis travel expenses for last 20yrs. James Kuloloio 45 and his band of corrupt minions! Yes they Are the Real Criminals!!! Drain the Swamp of Trump and his circus!

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