Sorry No Habla Fucktardo shirt, hoodie and sweatshirt

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But McConnell came out publicly and stated, let’s wait and see. Well while we waited to see what they were going to do, all we saw was more corruption practically on a weekly basis. Sorry No Habla Fucktardo. Obstruction of justice, treason against the United States allowing Trump to deliberately go to rallies to deliberately promote hate and diversion.

Sorry No Habla Fucktardo

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Sorry No Habla Fucktardo sweatshirt
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A strategy that keeps their fan base in a hostel delusional State of Mind, and act of protection. But people need to wake up and realize, the Republican Administration is going against the American people to protect not only Trump, but they got a good thing going on so they’re protecting their selves also. Enforcing tariffs, which is deliberately forcing the American people to pay higher prices so that their stocks can gain off of us. Same strategy when Trump had signed executive order against Obamacare. Sorry No Habla Fucktardo. And which by doing so had caused the healthcare industry to drive up their prices. Once again and act that allows their stocks to gain at our expense. And to top it all off they created the tax scam, that protects them, from losing any of their wealth putting the burden on to the American people. Yes America is being sabotaged and screwed over and they are playing the weak minded. Time to let go of the ego of the party as the Republican party has been destroyed and shamed. Time to get this old school corrupted Administration out so that the Republican Party can be reformed to where it represents the people and our values. For the House Democrats for doing their jobs and protecting America for the people from the tyrant President that we have right now. he fake news led democrats are being exposed for doing in Ukraine exactly what they falsely accused President Trump of and the democrats are in desperation/panic mode.

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