Spartan Behold Fartacus Shirt, V-Neck And Tank Top

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We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Dr King knew that with nonviolent changes in our society we shall move ever closer to justice. Thank you for reminding America and the rest of the world that cries out for peace. Spartan Behold Fartacus. Even thou you are not in the White House, you never cease to recognise special events big or small, good or bad casualties. Just all and everything a leader of this country and our other nations and countries, as it should be. Thank you soooo much. You and First Lady Michelle Obama are the best, even now.

Spartan Behold Fartacus Shirt

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Spartan Behold Fartacus V-Neck
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My eternal gratitude and prayers for John Lewis and Amanda Boynton Robinson taking a stand for their human rights that day in Selma, as their selfless act has enabled so many the rights they always deserved. Certainly did not warrant a punishment for simply crossing a bridge, no way. Spartan Behold Fartacus. Thanks to you and your family for joining with all of those in 2015 to walk the path that was paved, with no consequence other than those granted to every human being from birth to death. Your contribution to furthering a walk for justice and truth in this country will be forever remembered. Most of the country loves and supports you sir, and just want you know that YOU and Michelle made a big difference, for so many things, our country is better for that. Now, if someone can get rid of that wanna-be in the Oval office, and restore our country to the excellent condition you left it in, we can all celebrate.

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