Spine Book Low Top Shoes

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Death rate isnt higher then previous years,most people dont even notice they have this media made spectaculair virus. Spine Book Low Top Shoes. Are you blind or deaf.

Spine Book Low Top Shoes

Spine Book Low Top Shoes- pic 3
Low Top Shoes- pic 3
Spine Book Low Top Shoes- pic 2
Low Top Shoes- pic 2
Spine Book Low Top Shoes- pic 1
Low Top Shoes- pic 1

Listen to what medical staff in Italy and Spain are saying. Spine Book Low Top Shoes. Not the media. The people who are having to fight this on the front line. In London 20 and 30 year olds have died with no underlying health issues. How you know they have no underlaying healt issues?Italy has mostly old people.90% doesnt even notice the virus,the other 10 % has already healt issues.How many people have been test?Here 5000 test at 17 milion people.How many did already had it?10 milion? How many deads?At the world population that’s nothing. Bolsonaro is trying to destroy our country and kill us all. He is insane and awful and only cares about power. What do you expect him to do? Freak out, be all doom and gloom? Then everyone would panic and make things worse. just incase you didn’t realise. The fear of the unknown. The unknown causes fear and panic. Not the truth. And imagine how much worse that panic would be if our President and theirs was all doom and gloom. Yeah drug dealers in favelas are enforcing a curfew right now. Apparently literal criminals have better public health awareness than Bolsonaro. Sadly countries like Brazil, India, Mexico, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, and most of Africa don’t stand a chance against this Pandemic. Poverty, lack of education, lack of medical infrastructure, population density, and ignorant leaders are all stacked against them.

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