St louis blues filter face mask

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Still have managed to not spend one dime on Cramazon during this crisis. They wedge themselves into communities and make themselves the main source of items, of jobs, of healthcare and benefits through those jobs. They make other jobs obsolete and disappear. St louis blues filter face mask. The whole “you don’t have to work there” thing is a horseshit illusion when they literally orchestrate their role in society as essential, then exploit that status of how essential they are to screw us all.

St louis blues filter face mask

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He didn’t become the richest man in the world by caring about people, why would he start now? He’ll make a BS donation anytime he needs the headlines to be distracted from some abuse and move along. Such is the golden shower of trickle down economics. St louis blues filter face mask. Lately I be seeing all these commercials thanking and making the amazon workers look like heroes, which they are for sure, no doubt, but instead of spending all that money, millions for sure, instead use that money to pay his employees hazard pay, safe conditions at work, protection from the virus. that would the best advertisement for any company rather than propaganda on TV. Bezos should be deported for his lack of help to his employees. a small portion of his money could do so much good for people but he prefers to squash his workers and treat them like slaves. I will not support Amazon any further, there are too many alternatives.

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