Star trek make it sew face mask

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Instead of testing the herbal medicine,they are there making noise. Star trek make it sew face mask. GOD blessed Africa wether they believe it or not.

Star trek make it sew face mask

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mask- pic 1

This may be a viable treatment for Covid-19. Star trek make it sew face mask. Madagascar has not record any deaths so far, and the sick are recovering fast. But the process of coming up with this drug was hazy and too speedy. How much scientific information is there on the long-term effects of the drug on the human body? what concerns scientists and herbal medicine? If that herb medicine were produce in western world, WHO would have recommended it to the world for trial. Madagascar probably doesn’t have any recorded deaths yet because they can barely function as a country to begin with. something is curing virus and now u are saying is too quick what den do u want… How many months now over 1 going to two. They wont recommend herbs because they cannot use a natural product as it will weild them no profits.. the herbs are woring,, i take them too and they work,, buttheFDA and all the other govment bodies cannot promote herbs because thy wont make any money, they dont care about saving lives,, its all about the money. The only problem we Africans have is we don’t believe in ourselves so u wait for the whiteman to come up with a remedy. Tamale Mirundi help me here. We can always do science later on. Let people try whatever they believe in for now. We can do other sciences later on… Herbal medicines boost the immunity which inturn helps the recovery with aid from allopathic drugs.

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