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Trump has done sooooo much, that the house had to narrow his crime while in office to two articles of impeachment, but it does not mean that he is not guilty of other things! Okay one more time. Star War Signature Poster. I’ll type slowly.

Star War Signature Poster

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He has been impeached. It is a fete accompli. The vote in the Senate is about removal. Now, if you have Senators stating they plan to not be impartial, and they refuse to consider having witnesses for the trial that would remove the president, then that should result in some negotiations to make sure it is a fair trial with complete information provided so that the jury, comprised of the Senate, can make a fair and just decision. The House impeachment is like an indictment.. but an indictment needs a finding of guilt, which the Senate is responsible for. The Senate serves as a check on the power of the House by saying an impeachment can be dismissed by it acting as the jury. You are partially correct. The HOR voted for 2 articles of impeachment. Star War Signature Poster. The HOR speaker must sign them and file them with the Senate for the impeachment to become point of fact. At that point, the Senate begins their process. The Senate is moving forward with business as usual because no impeachment has been filed. Let’s stop the process of impeachment in the House and never present it to the Senate, where he can get a republican pardon. That way trump will be remembered and will go on historic records as an impeached president. She only had the power to lead her House puppies by their leashes, and the obedient pups let her.

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