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Rosa Collazo-Smith  · 1:05:47You are amazing Mr. President. What an honor to hear you live and to see these young men getting involved to make things better for our minority community. 11 . John C. Adams  · 19:18Obama is one of the best presidents in my life time!! I, sincerely, thank him for his service!18 . Claudia Porras  · 6:27Thank you for being the best example as a president husband and father 20 . Temitope Omoregie  · 8:29God bless Mr President…American history will always be at your side,at all times.7 . SharerLucilâine Nascimento Silva  · 39:05Congratulations!!! President Barack Obama Social work yes God bless you Gratitude always.7 . Elaine Lyn  · 5:19Mr President , you were the best. We so miss you, and hope you are enjoying life. 11 . Jo Garner  · 5:43Love you Mr President!! You and President Biden are the best! Thank you for everything!!!15 . Rafia Bessios  · 40:32I just love listening to MR President Obama . He is just too awesome. I have had the opportunity in meeting him here in Kenya. No one like him !!!! 9  Stargate SG-1 3D All Over Print Hoodie

Stargate SG-1 3D All Over Print Hoodie

Edna Sanchez  · 22:54I’m agreed with her. We need and have the right to live in peace2 . Elton A. Smith  · 30:47President Obama is and will forever be the classy and educated man who held public office with respect.3 . Denita EarthAngel Jacobs  · 44:40Always will be Mr. President, and is a wonderful human being, “Thank You” President Obama 2 . Kalle Reini  · 53:36Hyvä Obama God bless you and your family and United States with everything that Father in heaven sees you all need in the name of Jesus aamen3 . Hattie Carter  · 43:03We don’t need anymore negativity. If you don’t like him, just get off this forum. 3 . Mallini Armour  · 18:25Your words are so smart and thoughtful…a true emphathic leader2 . Susan Mayando  · 38:33Love from Holland, we love you our first black president. You made history thumbs up to you 2 . Kipruto Kiptonui Moses  · 18:19Congratulations Barack Obama! What concrete measures can we put in place to address the institutional and systemic racism around the world?2  Stargate SG-1 3D All Over Print Hoodie

Stargate SG-1 3D All Over Print Hoodie

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