Stay wild moon child dragonfly poster

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I’m aware of that. I’m not saying temperature changes but companies are more inclined to build in poorer areas. Stay wild moon child dragonfly poster. Not a lot of people.

Stay wild moon child dragonfly poster

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Not a lot of traffic. I didn’t specify a race because being poor isn’t specific to a race. I’m just saying that companies will exploit the fact that people are too poor to move out of an area. A quick google search will show you communities that have been dealing with environmental issues. Black and white. I just wanted people to understand what this probably meant. When factories out number the people 3:1 that area is bound to have issues with air quality. Stay wild moon child dragonfly poster. Environmental injustice is a real thing, and has been for as long as factories have existed on this planet. The political party that is more interested in big businesses is the Republican party. yes it’s a roundabout way to argue White privilege. Kind of like all those white coal miners in Appalachia with black lung. It’s really sad how many people are still letting themselves get manipulated by the corrupt manipulative media and their globalist masters to the point where they’ve become totally unhinged witless tools of the very establishment that has allowed and enabled our country’s industries and own citizen’s jobs to pour out and illegal aliens and foreign H1B/H2B visa workers to pour into our country and take away income-tax-paying American’s jobs and drive down wages. You’re so right. My black neighbors air that they breath is so dense and heavily polluted. Mine is nice and clean and clear. This is illogical. People who live in LA breathe bad LA air. Air quality is not dependent on your race. Anything you can do to spew hate…

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