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this pandemic showed a lot of things, but also nothing is going to change because democrats and republicans have terrible leadership, and the corporations lining their pockets are making out like bandits. can’t wait for the economy to re-open, so these jobs that people are thinking are going to “magic” back into reality don’t come back, Stay golden poster. and everyone who’s backlogged on rent, etc. are all evicted, so we’re all just going to face an unprecedented homeless crisis, but you know, as long as all the 1%’ers are happy.

Stay golden poster

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You advocated for it and wages went up and you are still unhappy! Can small business owners afford more wages? Stay golden poster. Or is it the fact you want higher wages because employer taxes increase as well. Your scheme only made people worse as there is increase in homelessness and more people not working. I need to make more money too. I have to have a license and countless coast guard endorsements plus I gotta stay clean, not even legal marijuana. I’m randomly surprised tested constantly. I should be bringing in at least 550 a day.

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