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The White House had a team but Trump tore it down because Obama set it up now American lives is at stake because of something someone else set it up now I wonder how many blue states feel about a life and death situation when one them ends up in a hospital that doesn’t have the right equipment that New York is begging for maybe when they is on a death bed it will to late to say I should have done something. Americans have not forgotten the corruption surrounding you, Hunter, and your brother. Stay home and watch friends. Nor have we forgotten the sexual assaults charges pending.

Stay home and watch friends shirt

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So let me wrap my brain around this: we have some of the best undercover operatives all over the world and they don’t communicate this intelligence to their boss that people are getting sick and dying in China? You want me to believe that if we had this early warning program to detect coronaviruses, things would have been different. You have no clue what you are talking about do you even know where you are? First you said Trumps travel ban was racist…and all the other brain dead democrats said the same. Stay home and watch friends. Now you see the poll numbers and how Americans agree it was the right thing to do early on. Now want to agree? You are just flipping and flopping all over the place. You have the mental capacity of toast. Joe Biden, do you think is funny for you? Some people are working very hard, don’t you know how many people died in USA, you just said jokes coronavirus is very dangerous for the people in the world, but very good for the bad people to get in and do something for against president of United states Donald j Trump, they are not going to keep up because they are hating him. this is very good for Donald Trump can do some things, he’s president of United states



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