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She has been mean and nasty, if one hasn’t seen it, CNN has just hidden it. Stay bach sheet music face mask. Commenting on her past actions is not an attack, it’s holding her accountable.

Stay bach sheet music face mask

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face mask- pic 1

Seems you guys are trying to change word definitions again. Doubt that she’s angry, she giggles like a girl at just about everything. There will be some PO money when Nancy negotiates in good faith. Mean and nasty? It’s called intelligent and assertive. Trump projects his own personality disorders onto everyone that opposes him. Stay bach sheet music face mask. Its plain to see, who is mean, nasty and incompetent corrupt liar. Rita, I think she’s far from mean, like you said, she’s assertive (big difference) but it’s ok for their leader to be “nasty” & “impolite”… strange, isn’t it? He’s a mean& nasty on a daily basis, calls everyone names, mocks disabled, keeps kids in cages, and we can’t forget, he thinks it’s ok to grab women by the pu$$y! Let me get this straight, you hate someone that you have never met face-to-face! Did I get that right? And the President of the United States has no business calling anyone mean and nasty. He is despicable! Why dosent Trump want to help his people and get rid of the pandemic I keep wondering does he not get people are suffering it is kinda sick why doesn’t he care if kids get sick why dosent he show some compassion for people who died i haven’t never seen anything like it. he is too busy trying to help bring peace in the Middle East which he did but CNN won’t tell you that.

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