Stickfigure violin face mask

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Best way to control fool’s that want to be control is to put fear in them don’t go to work don’t go to business were is so call Dr fucii mask or he is living in another world. Stickfigure violin face mask. We are already tired of this Covid 19 and it’s chameleon nature.

Stickfigure violin face mask

Music is the voice of the soul face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

Today it is this. Tomorrow it is that. Soon we will be asked not to sleep anymore because it can be contracted through dreams. I don’t believe they lied, add people panic bought them anyway. I’m just pointing it out because this virus is still very new and I’m just casually reminding people that they may just learn more in a few months and change the recommendation again. They tried to say the masks weren’t that effective but if anyone had a brain they would look at Japan. Stickfigure violin face mask. The difference between us and Japan is that they follow orders to the letter and wear masks to sleep lol. In Japan I think they re opened and they only have about a couple thousand COVID deaths. Those guys know how to handle a pandemic pretty well. Oh I believe the masks work. They don’t do much to protect the wearer but they do fairly well keep the virus contained to the wearer if they are sick and don’t have symptoms yet. Now Fauci is just messing with you guys, he is sitting somewhere laughing as he imagines you all dutifully wearing your masks and goggles. Put on face mask,put on goggles so you people just wanna turn everybody to a masqurade.enough of all these nonsense.

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