Stitch nice butt poster

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Well, you know President Trump did some executive orders to help with that because you career politicians on both sides of the isle is playing politics. Stitch nice butt poster. Instead of keep talking and talking to brainwash your Sheeple doing something and shut up complaining what others are not too g when you are doing nada yourself, just saying

Stitch nice butt poster

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$2000 for every man, woman, and child for 4 months is 2,624,000,000,000. 2.6 trillion dollars. Increasing the US debt level by almost 10% with one law. Yes, people need help, but you can’t just throw out numbers like they don’t mean anything. My proposal is $2000/month per household + $300 per additional child for people without a job. Stitch nice butt poster. That’s a lot of money, but it’s reasonable. Imagine a family of 6 with 4 children. With what you just said, they would receive $8000, for what reason. Fdr was so scared of unions being busted up, that he formed social security for every day people ,now people like trump, Mnuchin are trying to steal our money, read panama papers. If Democrats, Republicans can’t get the act together and Pass e Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act, for money, food and health then WE the Peoples should take away Democrats, Republicans Money and Health vote then out if they don’t pass this. We are facing financial crisis , Health crisis and Food crisis and the only that seem to Care is Donald J Trump I know he not perfect but he trying to help. I’m a Democrats… I know I piss off a lot of peoples but if you see in my way you will understand

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