Stitch the reader face mask

Do you love it? Stitch the reader face mask. Buy it today before lose it forever.




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People do not understand that we have been out of our jobs with no future at this time unemployment is vital – it’s time to help USA citizens. Stitch the reader face mask. You say you want to make America great – then do your frigging job!!! Help us covid destroyed us use our tax $ to help us.

Stitch the reader face mask

Stitch the reader face mask - detail
face mask – detail

People who didn’t have a job before are suffering also. Seniors and those on disability have many added expenses from trying to protect themselves from the virus. Delivery fees, rising costs of *everything*, having to pay others to do errands they once could do themselves. We need a monthly stipend until the pandemic is under control and we can safely go out into the world again. Please do not allow Senator Inholfe to pull a midnight rider that disestablishes the status of Reservations in Oklahoma. I am Muscogee Creek from Eufaula, OK. Stitch the reader face mask. Our people along with almost every other tribe was promised land there and it has slowly been dwindled away. Please gather more constinuates and stand against Inholfe. Dem or Rep…the institution of government doesn’t exist. Socialism for the rich will continue until the public stops bickering about their small groups and starts uniting against the elites and corporations who tell the ‘government’ what to do and say.

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