Stop staring at my rémy martin short

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Herd immunity is not going to work without a vaccine, you can’t just sacrifice people like that. Stop staring at my rémy martin short. Well maybe you can but I refuse to be apart of that. I haven’t been wearing a mask until recently when it was mandated here in Texas and I haven’t gotten sick either.

Stop staring at my rémy martin short

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Not a cold or anything! Its not only protesters it’s everyone single person. Every single person has the power to do the right thing. But so many are in denial. If people really can’t/don’t social distance wear a mask. Wear a mask, wear a mask. Easiest thing we can do. Stay home. Science should be your friend. It’s very sad to see how many people just totally disregard science. But you do and believe what you want. I’m not scared. I go shopping get gas whatever. Stop staring at my rémy martin short. But I don’t go to unnecessary places like restaurants, parties, games, any places with a crowd. And I do this because I would not want to catch this virus and give it to a family member, or anyone else that could cause potential harm. So I would say respectful of others and their health and my health. But you call it what you want. I want to stop the spread and help protect the community. Just stop being in denial and help prevent the spread.. It’s really not that hard. COVID-19 isn’t going to get “solved.” It is likely endemic at this point and will come around seasonally, just like the flu. We will all likely get it at one point or another.

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