Stop staring at my banana short

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Thank you Joe for your encouragement in a time of need. Donald Trump doesn’t feel the need to speak to us in a straight forward way and promise us he will lead us out if this or offer any support or encouragement what do ever? The reason is he is selfish and has plenty of money and no worries. Stop staring at my banana short.  He never gives the poor and working people a second thought. He needs voted out. You have my vote in November 2020

Stop staring at my banana short

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Here’s an idea for your Secretary of Education. Begin the long process of updating school history books as appropriate for each age group. Our collective historical record must be for all Americans not just white people. Thank You Joe. Good luck sir. But thugs who did violence, arsonsing, burning ,vandalism, murders,toppling of the statues, left wing radicalism , riots and looting are not acceptable in a civilized society. BLM doesn’t have authenticity to carry evil acts . Democrats can’t be party to this unrighteous civil unrest by BLM. Stop staring at my banana short. There should be proper law order , safety, security to the people. How is a man that doesn’t know where he is half the time going to fix anything . He and politician like him should be tried for treason not given power . He’s been in office 50 years he is the problem ! Cho-mo Joe

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