Stop staring at my dog shorts

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I filed through Turbo Tax in March. The date is printed on my return. Stop staring at my dog shorts. So I’m not worried about missing the deadline. I’m worried I won’t see the much needed money. I’m hoping they are just delayed but nobody seems to know. I e filed and mailed in my return twice. All since March 15. It seem that PPP benefits the lobbyists and the well connect, administrators don’t even want transparency in how they distribute my tax money it time for direct payment to us during the crisis

Stop staring at my dog shorts

Stop staring at my dog shorts - detail
shorts – detail

Instead of doling out all those billions, to your billionaire friends, the American people should get it instead! Total miss management of money, something that the taxpayers will have to pay back, not his billionaire buddies. We should be able to opt in or out of receiving this money and in place have it sent to those who meet criteria and actually need it. Stop staring at my dog shorts. My income isn’t all too impressive, but I get by just fine compared to a single mom with three kids who can’t work her two jobs to support them. If an opt in opt out isn’t an option, I recommend those who can afford to do so to donate the money to a charity or organization, just not the Trump campaign, please

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