Stop staring at my fire hose shorts

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That is great ,why USA should look for alternative deal with India , Bangladesh expand the industry there etc .Stop staring at my fire hose shorts.This thing of China is not ending well USA it will end with a pain China keep blackmail USA. Soooo funny how people tells joe to get back in the basement when your 45 went to the bunker!!!!!! Oh bunker boy has you all brainwashed. Lmbo

Stop staring at my fire hose shorts

Stop staring at my fire hose shorts - detail
shorts – detail

Not like you are perfect after all, you are simply saying these things to get the support of the people and when you get on that seat. who knows you might equally do same or even worse. i don’t support Trump, i am just stating what you politicians do to win our hearts and afterwards fail us. Stop staring at my fire hose shorts.China needs to be punished for their attack on the world.. not made a trade partner.. cut them off from the world economy untl they get over their power trip. Umm, the entire globe is suffering due to China so sorry if you miss the logic in holding off on doing a deal with them. Jesus, are you actually that stupid Joe. He didn’t tell you a lie did he wow he been lying to you for a long time every since he’s lied his way into the white house .

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