Stop staring at my hennessy short

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In order to tax you the government has your name and address and all your details from birth. Stop staring at my hennessy short. So why not just send you a mail-in ballot with all your details as a citizen verified from the gov. No cheating, no problem, No Trump. No he didn’t. Read the constitution. Rules for filibuster are legislative powers, not executive. Seriously, did you take American History in High School? That’s a seriously stupid and racist comment.

Stop staring at my hennessy short

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Agree, but let’s not forget that electronic voting machines were independently tested by various entities and found that during the Obama/McCain election votes for McCain were being counted as votes for Obama. So it’s not like he hasn’t benefited from electoral fuckery. Stop staring at my hennessy short. Barack, We need to ID ourselves to the poll workers so that we try cut down on an perceived voter fraud. We don’t want corruption in our voting system. It is necessary to do away with the Filibuster and the Electoral Colleg. Our represwentatives need to look out for our country and not worry about the things that put parties at risk. Do you job. Legislate what is in front of you and fight the battles for rights and justice as they come up.

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