Stop staring at my wiener short

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I believe you Joe. I fervently want all of us to be kept safe and stay strong and healthy. Stop staring at my wiener short. We are at our best when we have a thoughtful compassionate leader and we stand united. What has Joe been doing for the last 4 years to help people ? He started a cancer organization that uses 65% of donations for administrative costs. I look forward to sleeping better under Biden’s watch. Although I sleep ok now, I like thousands of other wake up to another nightmare day and chaos with the fraud in the WH.

Stop staring at my wiener short

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Not all of are going through this together. Many are out there having a great time, collecting unemployment, and refusing to wear masks. We are not all in this together. Not by a long shot. We need you so much President Biden. You will be the one to get America back on her axsis, after four years of destruction. Stop staring at my wiener short. Your vice president and your full cabinet will be your strength and courage….and millions who will vote for you. Joe and Joe’s people something needs to be nip in the bud, that’s Kanye West running in 2020 is just an attempt to take black votes away from Biden as wait for it he will run as an independent and this strategy needs stopped as soon as possible. It is so wonderful to hear a leader speak in a reassuring way during this crisis. Not boast about himself, make fun of others, or flat out lie over and over. I just look to other leaders and ignore the child who currently occupies the White House. For God’s sake the guy can’t even lead with something so simple as wearing a face mask. Even that has to be political. Not even a pandemic can stop this guy from election optics. He is as amoral as any human can be.

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