Stormtrooper vintage hawaiian face mask

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I’ll just orphan my 4 kids cause apparently no one gives a crap about the quality of the lives of the younger generations anyway. Stormtrooper vintage hawaiian face mask. Katie Ann that’s absolutely not what I meant by collateral damage.

Stormtrooper vintage hawaiian face mask

Stormtrooper vintage hawaiian face mask - pic 1
face mask – pic 1

By collateral damage I meant: economic shutdown, people losing their jobs, people losing their homes, people who’s health/medical treatments are postponed, special needs kids and families not having access to supports, the increase in substance an use, mental health breakdowns, kids not being able to go to school etc etc. I never referred to chronically ill people as being the collateral damage so I don’t know how you made that leap unless part of your illness affects your ability to read. Not even worried about either me or my kid’s dying of it. Stormtrooper vintage hawaiian face mask. 99% of people won’t get it and if they do they survive. Not even worried about “lasting damage”. I’m not gonna live as a hypochondriac; I’m more worried about me or one of my family member getting cancer or getting into a car accident. Seems to be becoming a universal syndrome. Chatting with a waiter here in Dubrovnik last night about what else (C19). He said “well is it even real? I think it’s about putting chips into us with a vaccine so they can control us…. you know, Bill Gates”. As an American, I can tell you that nearly half the population believes it’s a hoax. But they definitely believe in Heaven and hell. A religious friend of mine who “chats” with US like minded refer to the Book of Revelations. They believe this micro chip which will be delivered is the mark of the beast and is the prelude to the end times. Well that’s alright then because God has planned it.

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