Strong nurse take care tumbler

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Get Joe Biden on TV NOW! He needs to generate interest by promising to name his VP running mate by Memorial Day weekend. Strong nurse take care tumbler. Trump will want that “Red, White & Blue” time to himself, so he can spread even more lies about what a “great job” he’s been doing. Joe can grab half that air time by making his VP announcement then. Also, Joe should start courting young Voters NOW by having their sports, music and other heroes appear in ads endorsing him for President.

Strong nurse take care tumbler

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Next, a wide array of very famous Entertainers should be recruited to participate in a telethon/live-streamed concert fundraiser on Joe’s behalf. This event should follow shortly after the ticket is announced to build upon the natural momentum. Strong nurse take care tumbler. Assemble an irresistible lineup, again with all concerts cancelled, big names should be available and willing to participate for FREE on the hope of finally ousting Trump. Get the ball rolling now! Don’t waste time waiting around for a Convention which may never take place. Trump is an attention hog, and doesn’t mind manipulating the national media, even while Americans are dying. Your self serving posts are becoming more ridiculous each day, from a guy that wanted flights from China to continue called trump a racist for stopping flights. Big hypocrite, stop politicizing a virus .

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