Stuck Between IDK IDC And IDGAF Mug

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Stuck Between IDK IDC And IDGAF Mug. Order now before lose it forever.

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Stephenie JonesOnce Americans get the taste of some power and momentum, the Republican Party will hopefully be no more. Vote them out because they do nothing for us!!29 . Matthew HilliardThe bill was a good start at best. We have the capacity to do so much and we should. And we need to stop bailing out airlines.17 . Kaitlin SchwarzWe have you to thank Bernie. Without your determination and refusal to be swayed, we wouldn’t be here. You are a hero and an inspiration.2 . Emily RomeroI don’t care about bipartisanship AT ALL. Either people will do their job or they won’t. It’s not Dems jobs to coax Republicans into doing what they were hired for – it’s to legislate.So legislate already6 . Virginia TateI don’t think Bernie is giving us enough credit. Trump supporters may care more about the checks then the details but most Democrats I know absolutely care about the lack of GOP support. And we plan to use it against them11  Stuck Between IDK IDC And IDGAF Mug

Stuck Between IDK IDC And IDGAF Mug

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Kelly MullinsI am grateful for all the work Sen. Sanders, POTUS and all the progressives have put into this, but I am deeply worried about garnishments. Those in poverty, the working poor… the families that desperately need this relief are likely to have reason t… See More1 . Joey OesterWhat about labor unions retirement? Are they going to get their much needed bail out?4 . Trevor LoomisPrinting more money devalues the US dollar giving ultimately less buying power to its citizens and does absolutely nothing to change this rigged financial and economic system we live in. In fact printing money only serves to make the rich, richer.2 . Lynda L DukeI couldn’t care less about the GOP of present day. They don’t care about anyone but party, including their own constituents!!1 . Tony KohlerHe is not wrong. That being said, humans really no longer care about government officials. They read the names and cast their votes every few years. When the finish they go home and focus on the day to day grind. The Democratic office is perplexed bec… See More1  Stuck Between IDK IDC And IDGAF Mug

Stuck Between IDK IDC And IDGAF Mug

Jenna Colbywe are a year into a global crisis… we live in the only industrialized country on earth that doesn’t provide universal healthcare…… See More20 . Terri L. FordThe GOP cares more about their lobbyists and cooperate donors than they do about the voters. Look at how they vote against the needs of the people all the time.1 . Cole W FordIt wasn’t enough. We have a MAJORITY. We could have passed a $2000 a month for poor families. We could have increased SS to a livable amount. We could have implemented a Federal Job Guarantee. We could have started the Green New Deal. Too many “… See More7 . Sara WyldeThe wording of the question about teachers “putting their safety before student welfare” was really gross. Teachers should not be asked to put their lives on the line without the reasonable protective measures they asked for— especially not to pick up … See More9

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