Sugar Skull Hooded Blanket

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Catherine Poole Just doing a public service announcement, it is up to people here to research it and decide for themselves. Get ready for FISA investigation results. Anthony Master perhaps of trump os so confidant it was a “perfect call” then he could release all documents requested, allow witnesses to testify amd release the full call rather than 11 highly edited minutes of a 34 minute call. Sugar Skull Hooded Blanket. Jeff Hardwick It’s not a coup, even when trump says it is. It’s our democracy. Which he only likes when it favors him.

Sugar Skull Hooded Blanket

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Daniel Campbell I’m glad that you added such substantive conversation. You’re smart and level headed. I like that. Jeff Hardwick a coup? Wow, you will buy into anything this pathologically lying narcissist of a President tries to sell you. Jeff Hardwick Really, is that not what Clinton, Obama and his administration tried to do after Trump was elected and yet not one thing has happened to them for doing it. Jeff Hardwick it’s called oversight and accountability, built into the constitution.Was it a coup when they impeached Clinton for one lie? If so, you owe us one. Mark Robinson there was a congressional vote and the 4th amendment applied during the Clinton impeachment and the same for Nixon. This is a coup. Call it whatever you like. Sugar Skull Hooded Blanket. It adheres to the Rule of Law and The Constitution. The two things don knows nothing about. Why do you suppose no world news network supports him? Only fox, and they’re starting to turn, just like 8 Senators, so far. We need 2 more Senators on board and he’s done. Quiner Says the guy who posted about Project Veritas. The groups who’s videos have been proven fake every time. Hilarious. You conservatives fall for every conspiracy theory there is. As long as it’s on the Fake Obnoxious Xenophobic News you guys drink it up.

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