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I thought California had some of the strictest gun laws in the county. So how can you say gun control works?. Thank You, President Biden. I hope there is an end to this epidemic in the near future and those on the other side of the aisle will one day gain a conscience on this issue.. No the vast majority of gun owners don’t support your call for bans and confiscations. I will not comply!. These sad, senseless tragedies need to STOP!! Not only do we need to address Gun Reform, but also Mental Health issues that coincide with these shootings. . How about you tackle the mental health issue prior to the so called “gun issue” first. And see what happens then. Everyones quick to blame the damn gun instead of looking at the person who’s holding it!. I see so many messages on here stating “California has the strictest gun laws”. Even if that’s true, someone can get their guns in another state and just go back to CA with the merchandise and not get caught. I applaud Biden and his effort to ensure less gun deaths. Make the government track deaths from guns!!!! Summer giyu hawaiian short

Summer giyu hawaiian short

Great 46, our Papa Joe, we trust and love honesty that you brought to governance.. This. This is hilarious. Are you really taking credit? States have gone against what you want and are winning without your help. Get over it.. Trumps economy was built strong and is roaring back stop printing money take a nap and let the folks handle the economy. THANK YOU PRESIDENT BIDEN AND YOUR ADMINISTRATION !! Finally a President that truly cares about America and it’s still a long road to put the USA back after the previous 1 term 2 time impeached that thinks he’s still a president and the GQP helping him. Two words for the former president….. That’s what good president are known for not the ones that inflict too much poverty on his people’s. Progress is what you promised America and progress is what America is realising. Cult 45 is out and build back better in motion. Bravo Biden-Harris Summer giyu hawaiian short

Summer giyu hawaiian short

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