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As shown by your words “where are the ventilators ” which no past administrations fully stockpiled . the science said we need a bigger stockpiles of ventilators gowns and p.p.e. You didn’t try and divide the country by blaming the current administration for past administrations lack of action sad but true look at the science presented to past admistrations who then overlooked the science to save a buck. Sun Flower Signature Poster . Please no lies, we have had enough of them to last several lifetimes. And we need a President that doesn’t take sides with Congress, but unites them to work as one unit for the good of the people.

Sun Flower Signature Poster 

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Nothing personal but if Biden runs as nominee Trump will win again. Just because we have been hit by a Pandemic and people will want someone who seems to be in better health. I vote blue all the time but this is not Bidens time. It be better to make space for someone who can stand against Trump. Sun Flower Signature Poster . This is a time to stand with the nation and get through this. Trump is the President. If you have an issue take it up with him directly so we can get past this. You have to learn to follow before you can lead. As a health care professional during this COVID-19 crisis I have come to realize just how vulnerable we are as providers. I would like to suggest a plan where health care workers/first responders/teachers/social workers can have their student debt entirely forgiven if they take the remaining principal amount as income on their next year’s tax return and pay income tax on that amount at their individual rate. I think it is a fair approach where the borrower is not getting something for free while relieving many of 20+ years of debt burden.



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