Sunflower love nurse shirt and v-neck and lady shirt

Do you want it? Sunflower love nurse. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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Who you think is picking your food from farms Mexican. Sunflower love nurse. Thanks those poor people for working while while we complain of been bore.

Sunflower love nurse shirt

Sunflower love nurse v-neck
Sunflower love nurse lady shirt
lady shirt
Sunflower love nurse hoodie

Every time I see someone not social distancing and not wearing a mask in public, I think about how I’m not going to get to see my mom in Canada for a long time… bc America has really messed up COVID-19 containment. Same here. My granddaughter comes to spend the summer with us. Hoping we don’t have to miss this summer with her. Good. Keep it closed until you have it under control in your country, which won’t happen while your “leader” demands restrictions be lifted before the infection numbers are low enough. Lisa….We in the US understand your frustration. WE made a BIG mistake electing Trump. The good news is, his approval ratings are dropping big time. There’s a good chance Joe Biden will win this November and TRUST me, Canada WILL have a friend in Joe Biden. Lisa Livingston Paquette I wish he wasn’t our leader, does that count? It’s absolutely ridiculous in the United States. I wish I was there. Sunflower love nurse. Because that is an arbitrary and subjective definition that can easily be moved to fit one’s agenda. Not to mention lockdowns were never meant to be until “infection numbers are low enough”, they were meant to flatten the curve and reduce hospital burden. So please be very specific in what will be satisfactory for re-opening when the goal posts seem to move daily. we here about people like you…. used to find you specimen entertaining, now it’s getting pathetic. Have a nice day!

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