Sunflower to my mom blanket

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Keep going, Bernie. You prove everyday you are the people’s voice in Congress. I hear the call for you to step down. Why would we want to give up our right to vote and why would we want to give up the voice of the person who speaks where we can’t. As darkness threatens, your voice comes from light. Sunflower to my mom blanket. Thus land IS made, each and every day, for you and me. During this covid 19 crisis it has highlighted how important healthcare and healthcare workers are we need to flatten the curve to rid the planet of this pandemic Romans 12:9. Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.” Covid 19 is evil as someone whos socio thinking is directed by faith for the most part jesus commands us to flatten the curve.

Sunflower to my mom blanket

blanket – Fleece
Sunflower to my mom blanket - Large
blanket – Large
Sunflower to my mom blanket - Small
blanket – Small

It’s probably because Trump’s ego gets in the way. He will see it as validating a program Obama initiated and therefore he is not at the apex of the scheme. Very difficult for a man who seems to view himself as the smartest guy in the world. It’s unfathomable health care is not affordable or available to the masses in the US. Sunflower to my mom blanket. All I can say, is Trump has proven he’s a terrible leader and has no ability to manage much of anything. I am fearful for my American neighbours and how this presidency is overseeing this pandemic. Kind, caring, compassionate Republicans are far and few. They could’ve worked with Obama to improve and make this better than it was but they all refused to work with him on anything. In their silence/refusal they gave their approval and they are continuing with it today.

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