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Janine HartleyProud to be Australian where we had the courage to ban guns. 814 . Lorrie SoriaThis is the 15th mass shooting since last FRIDAY!! Enough!! We must be better than this! We need stricter laws and controls!167 . Martavious Gayles   · FollowAt least eight people were killed, not including the shooter, and one person was critically wounded,The dead suspect is believed to be the only shooter involved, according to officials. White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre s… See More63 . Josh DudleyCalifornia has the strictest gun laws, more laws and taking guns away from good law abiding Americans will not have a good outcome113 . Gavin HostetlerYou are right Joe Biden. Only Congress can end the violence…85 . John RakevetIf even one of those victims were armed with a gun they could have neutralized the shooter. Enact all the gun laws you want to but the fact of the matter you won’t win that fight. Guns are here to stay and the more people are able to defend themselves … See More62  Sunny skull multicolor personalized baseball shirt

Sunny skull multicolor personalized baseball shirt

Tom KastleWill Republicans even bother with “thoughts and prayers” before they launch into yet another batch of irresponsible non action 57 . Narendra RaoWe have federal mandates of mask wearing at federal buildings and airports .. then why no federal laws and mandates on Guns!!Its scary out there with Guns so easily available and can be carried without permits now!!There will be more tragedies waiting … See More46 . Antoinette MolinareUse the majority and pass legislation. Now is the time to get this done. Make gun licensing mandatory where people have to pass a mental health exam, state why they need the gun, mandate a safe place under lock and key for all gun owners in their homes… See More40 . Shevonne HansenDoesn’t California have the strictest gun laws? Criminals don’t really follow the laws hence why they kill people 65 . Steven LevyRegardless of how you feel about guns, understand that 9 people will not be coming home tonight, 9 lives are lost, that’s all that should be discussed right now 39  Sunny skull multicolor personalized baseball shirt

Sunny skull multicolor personalized baseball shirt

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