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Trump is a selfish jerk who has spent his entire life chasing money. Surfing Knowledge Poster. At others expense as well.

Surfing Knowledge Poster

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It’s a good thing for you that you don’t try and come to America. Because Trump doesn’t like immigrants. Especially black ones. Phil Conners well, you are an American and i believe there are things you know that i probably don’t. But from statistics and general information available in public space, he doesn’t look like a self serving president. We the Biafrans love you so much because you doing a great job for American including a nation without hop have a hope now because of your good work. Surfing Knowledge Poster. May almighty God bless you protect you give you more strength and you always defeat your enemy who doesn’t want good for people trying to impeach you and them will never sausage because God is strength. Are you retarded? Or just willingly ignore everything good he’s done. I think you have to be retarded… or have a mental disorder. There’s no other possible reason for not understanding this. I don’t find it funny, it’s sick. The Democrats waste 40 million dollars on bullshit and get nothing done. It’s really sick. I like that he wants prison reform and that he signed the executive orders for a committee for Native Americans and for the foster children, but when you look futher into them, they do nothing. I didn’t even ever say I agree with them, but if he is doing what the witnesses on the call said he did, and went to attorney’s immediately, and others have said there was what was said and multiple people said it, is it true?

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