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Sandra Miller Republicans said they were going to impeach Hillary if she was elected. Surfing Knowledge Poster. They don’t get to pretend to be innocent and outraged by the very thing they promised to do. Sandra Miller oh a scam just like McConnell said the day President Obama got elected, that his goal was to make him a one term President ? If older people are worried about the direction of this country, maybe just maybe they should stop voting for reality TV hosts who go on Twitter and declare themselves above the law. Tom Bradberry Nixon resigned before he was impeached.

Surfing Knowledge Poster

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Poster – 11×17
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Poster – 16×24
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Poster – 24×36

They began the process, but he stepped down before it was official. Andrew Johnson and Clinton are the only two others to actually go through the process. Tom Bradberry every President since JFK pretty much has reason for impeachment and some even war crimes. If your just now seeing your country as corrupt you’ve had your blinders on for a while. Sandra Miller it is illegal for a President to ask a foreign country to investigate a political rival. Surfing Knowledge Poster. Period. Trump has admittedly done this. Brian Anthony Morehouse Republican voters only care about having short temporary wins against the Libs, they don’t give a crap about the Constitution, bill of rights, equal powers or anything like that. Tom Bradberry no only 2 POTUS have been impeached in your lifetime. Richard Nixon resigned before being impeached. Only Clinton and now Trump has been impeached.

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