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Joyce Ayala watever happened its not worth the repercussions that are about to follow,u did not kill a nobody this time around,this men was loved and more notorious more powerful than Saddam Hussein. Surfing Knowledge Poster.l Robin Renee protesters didn’t attack anything they were protesting .

Surfing Knowledge Poster

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Poster – A3
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Poster – A2

What Trump did wasn’t approved by congress. Y’all keep thinking this idiot is right I wonder what y’all going to say when a world war breaks out or a nuclear war does.Rob Smith an when they hit you with terrorism Trump will be in a save place who knows were you maybe at the time, you kill someone father and brother because you can?Kathleen Reinhardt remember the Eisenhower coup in 1953 which overthrew the elected government of Iran and restored the absolute monarchy under the dictatorial Shah? Surfing Knowledge Poster. Of course not because no Americans were killed or held hostage so it’s became the worst kept secret of forced regime change in our history. We got butthurt over the revolution that deposed the Shah 26 years later without realizing that history is all about cause and effect.You don’t know what’s happening! How about you shut the hell up and watch events unfold as you grab some sense. Iran is a terrorist nation and must be dealt with accordingly.Mazh yes, America shall stop being world police when other countries stop using their country as a terrorist camp to train terrorists to attack America. It’s that not simple?It just goes to show the Iraqi’s don’t want you there because you are violent people with your war mongering tendencies.

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