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Trump will be reelected. Surfing knowledge Poster. Democrats will lose control of the House.

Surfing knowledge Poster

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Poster – A2
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Poster- A4
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Poster – A3

Republicans will have control of the House and Senate. Trump will get everything he wanted. Plus, judge Ginsburg will keel over and Trump will put in one or two more Supreme court judges. I may not care for the man as a person but he is a good president. He is a lot better of a choice then any of the Democrats, that’s for sure. Lisa Lepucki-Staska Liberals used to be intelligent. But illiterates like you, won’t help the cause even a tiny bit. Nancy is already dead and been that way for 20+ yrs she is just waiting to be buried Lol. Surfing knowledge Poster. She has dementia and had several mini strokes doesn’t even know where she is! You dummy . he best welfare recipes are here under anyone eyes, how web connection is creating new capitalism levels of interests, new communities new ambitions, the real success is only about SHARING things, sharing such news, debates, comments, helping people get involved in political problems, each one free to add an idea, a proposition, a solution, fortunately political parties do not care much.. Maybe you might show them these comments to realize what voters care about instead. Was the orange clown’s plan from the start. Why else would he appoint pence?? As claims extremely transparent!! Saw pence as his safety from being impeached, nobody wanting to hand the office to Mike. So now could be as bad as he wants to be . Women do not find it attractive to think of their children and grandchildren living in an Orwellian Socialist nation in which they and the population are reliant on groveling at the feet of pandering leftist politicians to make good on promises of redistributed wealth as the way “forward.

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