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  • Holy cow, that song is so incredibly powerful, especially to those of us who have lost someone important to us. It should come with a warning it’s so good. I love you and your music and cannot wait to hear more!. Beautiful new song Ed! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the new album . Thank you for all your hard work, for your phenomenal, ever-evolving music, and for giving us more to look forward to! Sweet Dreams One Two Freddy Coming For You Tumbler Blessings to you, Cherry & baby Lyra always! We love you . Greg Hall new album means touring next year or the following year which means daddy daughter date to see Ed Sheeran! . Congrats with your new album! I can’t wait to hear your new music! . Seriously Ed, Visiting Hours is amazing especially with the whole production. It made me cry today. I miss my loved ones who are already gone.. Been listening to visiting hours on repeat! Beautiful song. Can’t wait for the album

    Sweet Dreams One Two Freddy Coming For You Tumbler

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    I have absolutely loved “visiting hours” since I first heard it and I’m so happy to have a good copy of it! Cant wait for a whole new album! . Visiting hours had me in tears when I first heard it Sweet Dreams One Two Freddy Coming For You Tumbler I lost my mum to Bowel cancer 5 years ago after a battle of 18 months of surgery and chemotherapy so Visiting hours hit hard to me she was only 75 and was life and fun of any party my mum. Miss her so much . Can we, please, talk about how beautiful this art cover is? The most beautiful from Ed so far. Play GIF. Your songs have been the soundtrack of my life in so many moments. Looking foward to listening to this new one. Best wishes. Ed I don’t expect u to see this but my baby brother (fifteen years younger than I) passed last May and I feel like the song is me speaking to him!! I feel it’s literally the BEST memorial song ever written by a landslide

    BEST CHOICE – Sweet Dreams One Two Freddy Coming For You Tumbler

    My brother correctly guessed your album title three years ago! . Cassette !? I absolutely love that your releasing your album on cassettes . I am so excited!!! Just preordered on iTunes and I cannot wait!! Congratulations, Edand thank you for the music and passion you give us!. We played supermarket flowers at my mum’s funeral . And on my birthday?!!! I’m so excited!!! Yay to new music and sharing a part of your soul!!!. Love this so glad you’ve chosen to release it!. Hallo my role model Ed Sheeran.
    You motivate me 100%.. Just listened to visiting hours for the first time all the way through. Have to say sat here in tears this song is going to be so relatable to probably everyone. My uncle/best friend died when I was pregnant with my now 9 year old daughter and this is exactly how I feel. Beautiful song it really is but not surprised I love all Ed’s music

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